If you're a store owner, buyer, bartender, or restaurant manager, we would love to work with you. Our products have 18-to-24 month shelf lives and taste great. We make it easy to offer fun cocktails or mocktails -- or simply flavored iced teas, lemonades, or seltzers -- to your customers! 

 Please get in touch with us at Wood Stove Kitchen to place a wholesale order, to discuss private labeling options, or to develop collaborations. You can email us at info@woodstovekitchen.com to start this process. If you're ready to order, please send a description of the flavors you want, the number of bottles (in multiples of 6), and the ship-to and billing addresses to orders@woodstovekitchen.com. We offer NET30 terms from day one!

SAMPLES: If you are not yet a customer, you may e-mail us a request for samples to info@woodstovekitchen.com. Please be sure to include the store name, shipping address (for UPS), and a business email address. We kindly ask that you limit the sample request to only the 4-5 flavors in which you are most interested. We may apply small charges for individuals who request larger numbers of samples.

PHOTOS: To obtain product images for your e-commerce site or social media, please email us at steve@woodstovekitchen.com